A delightfully delicious smoothie recipe just for you to tryout

A Delightfully Delicious Smoothie Recipe made with frozen fruit, this is the key to a good hearty breakfast smoothie recipe although using frozen fruit will make your smoothie thicker than usual.

The basic recipe is quite simple, like any recipe you have a base to start with, then follow on to add any-thing you like to it.

First of all let’s look at the equipment that you’ll need to make these delightfully delicious smoothie recipes, first up a blender for the mixing part, a couple of chilled glasses, the morning paper, good company. This would be the most delightfully delicious morning to have with anyone.

The most important part is the ingredients, you’ll need – milk, yogurt, ice-cream, fresh or frozen fruit, honey, cinnamon, vanilla essence, just to name a few for now.

It’s really simple to make, anyone can do it, even the kids will have fun making them.

We have delicious smoothie recipes for your enjoyment and for anyone else as well, with a fruit smoothie that we’ll make later on. With this recipe, the colder the fruit the thicker it will be.

We use frozen fruit like mixed berry’s, strawberry’s, mangos, raspberry’s, blue berry’s and so on, the flavours just pop those taste buds and call out for more smoothes each time, for a cool tropical smoothie that’s quite filling as you’ll find out.

This is a special smoothie recipe to have at breakfast with all the fruit that’s in it, by far you could add more if you like and make it a super fruit smoothie.

If you’re into just a couple of pieces of fruit than we have a few that might tickle your fancy, with a strawberry smoothie with a twist that is very refreshing in any occasion, and an easy one to make.

You can include the frozen strawberries in this one as well to bring out the thick texture of the smoothie recipe.

On the other hand, if you have a banana that you set aside in the freezer lately use it on this strawberry banana smoothie as the banana should be frozen enough to give it the body to become quite thick.

If you think they are to thick you can always thin them down with more milk. Sometimes we use sugar syrup to thin them down, you can make this by reducing two cups of caster sugar to one cup of water

Bring it to the boil for seven minutes, make sure that you don’t reduce it to much as it will get quite thick really fast and it will turn in-to toffee… “Do keep an eye on it at all times”…

This is a cool smoothie maker you’ll be making smoothies the way everyone else makes them only better, although anyone can make a smoothie it’s that simple.