Great Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, coming before lunch or dinner. It is most often eaten in the morning. The English word for breakfast comes from the idea of breaking the involuntary fast of sleep, thus signifying the first meal eaten after a person awakes. It conveys the exact literal meaning of the Vulgar Latin word disjejunare, which evolved via the Old French disner to become the English word dinner. That is something most don’t know but now you do. Please enjoy our breakfast recipes and we hope you will take the time to return in the future and submit your own breakfast ideas.

More on Breakfast

Traditionally breakfast was a large meal eaten before work and designed to carry people through a large part of the day. Breakfast is considered by many health professionals to be the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, the decline of breakfast is an ongoing trend in the West since at least the early 20th century. This coincides with later waking times than when most Westerners had farming occupations. Today, citizens are busy with morning schedules, many neglect breakfast or skip it entirely (such as this editor). This trend to skip breakfast now is common in industrialized nations worldwide, where it is accompanied frequently by replacing local breakfast traditions with modern Western-style foods, often packaged or pre-made. Many nutritionists consider breakfast a very important meal, since it provides vital nourishment and energy for starting the day. Studies have indicated that children and adolescents who usually have breakfast generally consumed more daily calories than those who skip this meal and, yet, are less likely to be overweight. So study our breakfast recipes and please have your family try them!