How To Make Pancake

That’s easy. First of all there are several ways to make a pancake recipe, we know of three that are quite easy to make as you’ll see further down the track.

Let’s look at what is needed to make the pancake batter, first of all – you’ll need a decent size bowl and a Wisk or you could use a heavy duty electric mixer

Not only for mixing up pancakes in, there are a lot of other recipes that will call for a heavy duty mixer like bread making, cake making, whipping creams, creaming butter and sugar, making icings and so on.

You’ll need a few good heavy duty tea towels so you wont burn yourself while flipping the pancakes over. Eggs from mother hen, milk or buttermilk, butter, sugar, all sorts of fresh fruit, brown sugar, icing sugar, nuts, flour, yoghurt, honey, and maple syrup just to name a few at this point.

With that in mind – all there is now will be to clean up a few spuds and be tempted to try out this potato pancake. These pancakes can be prepared and cooked a day a head, they go well with smoked salmon, dill, or topped with cream fraiche…Just a temptation for a good mornings breakfast.

Another cool pancake recipe that has been around for a while and still classed as a favourite amongst the people is a banana pancake these pancakes can be made with buttermilk as a substitute.

Buttermilk seams to be the in thing at present, it sure is “down under” as a lot a people are using it more often in there cooking these day’s, as you’ll see in this buttermilk pancake that has the craze going strong amongst the healthy generation of today.

Although I wouldn’t class this one as a two healthy pancake, you’ll see in the recipe, but it sure is the best that has come around for a while, It’s quite filling as you’ll find out.

For those people that want to have an easy pancake this ones for you, as you’ll be whipping up a storm of pancakes for the family and aquatints for breakfast. You can also submit your own Breakfast recipe as well.