Try a bread recipe

Here’s a few bread recipe tools that you will need to become a good bread maker. You probably have some of the things already, but as the saying goes

“The right tools for the right job” – will bring out the best in your work…

The Tools that are needed for a good bread recipe and precise measuring would have to be a couple of Pyrex measuring jugs, they are a good heatproof glass jug available in metric and imperial.

Electronic scales give the most accurate results…There worth the investment, they also measure in metric or imperial and you can put the bread pan on them to measure the ingredients in.

A set of measuring cups and spoons from 1.5ml – ¼ teaspoon to 15ml – 1 tablespoon are ideal for smaller quantities of dry ingredients like salt, sugar, and yeast being the most important of all bread making.

I’m sure you have a couple of glass bowls lying around for making a bread recipe, while a majority of the mixing will be done in the bread maker, you’ll need to mix up glazes, transfer doughs or batters to a larger bowl.

You’ll need to add extra ingredients, or to use them for a cover for final proving of the bread dough, like this bread recipe. Other important tools, will consist of a kitchen timer, very useful not only for bread, but for many practical uses in the kitchen.

The same as these tea towels and oven mittens are an accentual part of bread making and in all kitchens.

These heavy gauge bread pans and molds are best to produce a professional loaf of bread, as they will less likely to buckle in the oven.

A good size to have are 1kg or a 2lb loaf tin (pan) the size would measure 18.5 – 11.55cm and 7¼ x 4½inch would suffice.

If your into a banana nut bread recipe then you shouldn’t pass up on this one. Other useful equipment would be a round and square cake tins slightly narrower about 23 – 28cm or 9 – 10inch long used to support the dough while it rises.

You cannot go pass good baking paper as I use strong heavy baking sheets, these tend to be the best to use through experience a recipe for breakfast.

A wire rack will let your fresh bread aerate and cool off better before storing or slicing of the bread. A good cooks knife and paring knife and a bread knife that will have to cut the dough with, preparing vegetables with, and slicing the bread.

The piece of equipment that all bread makers should have is a couple of rolling pins needed for the rolling of the bread recipe dough and bun dough. The wooden pins are the best match for a bread recipe and bun making that we will get to down the track.

I like to use a good heavy duty wooden cutting board to prevent the damage of your knives, and to prevent the micro bugs from spreading, make sure that you wash up your board properly as to keep the bugs at bay.

spatula for the scraping of the bowls and bench as these are very handy to have around the kitchen as an essential tool for making a bread recipe.